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Energy generation and storage

Who we are

Equalenergie's unwavering commitment lies in aiding the world's decarbonisation efforts. We strive to make 24/7 renewable energy affordable and accessible to all businesses aligned with our vision, taking urgent climate action, as there is no Planet B. Together, we can make a significant impact in combating climate change and securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

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We are a dedicated renewable energy and energy storage developer and producer, fully invested in supporting your business. Our focus is on investing in top-notch renewable energy and energy storage systems, so you can concentrate on your core operations with peace of mind. Quality is our obsession, recognising the potential disruptions and catastrophic losses any failure may cause our customers.

The leadership team brings together seasoned experts in various sustainability sectors, including renewable energy and energy efficiency.



An experienced sustainability expert, he has founded diverse green ventures from industrial property to renewable energy. Through visionary leadership, he inspire teams to create a greener and a more resilient future.

Christian Bischoff

Executive Chairman

With a decade of experience in renewable energy and sustainability, he drives innovative decarbonisation solutions and green building practices, fostering collaborations for effective climate action.

Chen Jiayi

General Manager

12+ years in Large Scale Utility and Rooftop Solar. Led 300MW Solar portfolio commissioning. PMP and PV and system design, adept in industry  standards. Proven leadership and hands-on O&M capabilities. 

Ady Pua

Technical Manager

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